The first outdoor fitness park in Arbour Lake is open!

The Community Association would like to thank all of the volunteers that made this happen.  Thank you to ATB Crowfoot and Cory Liss Orthodontist for their donations and support.  The park is located at 555 Arbour Lake Drive, near the same green space where community soccer is held each spring.  It is open 24/7 every day and is free for everyone to use.  Note that the recommended age is 13 and up.

Arbour Lake gets its first Little Free Library

Community resident, Bernie Larson,  volunteered his time and skill to build Arbour Lake's first Little Free Library.  Suzie Atherton is the steward of the library.  

Books are free to take for personal use and we encourage you to donate your old books to keep the library full. 

This library is located close to the bus stop at the corner of Arbour Crest Drive and Arbour Crest Heights.  Check it out!